Adrián Goldfrid (Buenos Aires, 1975). 
I studied graphic design at University of Buenos Aires and specialized in drawing and illustration at Hermenegildo Sábat and Daniel Roldán's Studios. I develop my professional career in Graphic Design, Visual Communication and Illustration in my own studio Aeronave visual based in Buenos Aires. At the same time, I've traveled the paths of dramaturgy and scriptwriting. I teach Graphic Design Morphology at University of Buenos Aires and Dramaturgical and Creative Writing at Ariel Barchilón's Studio and at Patricio Vega's Script Lab.
The axis of my artistic expressions, whether as a visual artist, illustrator or as a writer, is always the exploration of stories in fantastic universes, which seem strange, but are none other than our own universes; familiar and mysterious at the same time. 
The sources of my inspiration are the forms of nature, mythologies, geometry and traditional symbolic images. My technique is based on paper cut and collage, where the combination of fragments of paper and real pictures cut by hand or with scissors can coexist with digital composition.
I'm available for illustration projects. 
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